E-ValuBoard and Kopy-Kat.com! introduces our E-Z 13R579 image drum reset kit. This re-setter is for 1632, 2240, 3535, M24, 32, C32, Pro 32, CopyCentre 40, C40, and 40 printers. With our 3 step kit below you will be able to reset your own drum counters for pennies on the dollar. Just slide the drum chip into the re-setter coupling connection. Slide the switch and wait until the green LED light is turned on. You now have reset your counter to new condition, its that easy. And our product is high quality well thought out design with no hanging 9 volt battery that can rip pads off the board if it tries to do a bungee jump. When you buy an infinite re-setter, you'll want it to last and ours will last you for the lifetime of your printer. Nor do you have to disconnect battery on our unit when not in use as ours uses zero power when idle.

Our shipping is expedited with less than 5 business day shipping and handling within USA due to our manufacturing and shipping based domestically, our products shipping boasts free and fast to all U.S. domestic addresses. Please note that for outside the U.S. this will take longer due to customs, contact us for more information on international shipping delivery constraints.

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The infinite re-setter kit utilizes (3) 11.6mm AG10 equivalent watch batteries (batteries included) which will last for years without replacement, but these batteries can be bought 8 in a pack from your dollar store for just a dollar. So maintenance of this kit is indefinite and cheap.

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